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Griddled vegetables (V)


There are lots of different vegetables that are great when thinly sliced and cooked on a hot griddle. Courgettes and aubergines are my favourite. To bulk this dish out into a good selection of antipasti, serve with roasted tomatoes, grilled peppers and a good olive bread like this one.


Serves 4 as a part of an antipasti platter

1 aubergine

1 courgette

olive oil


Heat a ridged griddle pan until very hot.


Slice the courgette and aubergine very thinly along their lengths. You can do this by hand, but a mandolin makes it easier.


With a pastry brush, brush the vegetable slices on both sides with olive oil. Cook on the hot griddle until there are visible black lines on both sides. You will probably need to do them in several batches unless you have a very large griddle pan.


They can be served hot straight from the griddle, or left to cool and eaten cold.

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